WGBES,LLC was organized in 2001 by its principal, William G. (Bill) Bartlett, P.E. The foundation of Bill’s career was the many years he spent in service as a staff engineer in the manufacturing sector. This period provided a wealth of engineering training and project implementation. Unlike many typical engineering assignments, owner/staff project engineering requires a focus on ultimate responsibility of the final engineering product-- not just getting a design down on paper, collecting a fee, and letting someone else make it work. This kind of environment instills an ethic of discipline, technical rigor, development of broad skill sets, and strict attention to detail as well as an ability (and recognition of the vital need) to effectively communicate and serve individuals in a multitude of trades and organizations. It is a firm belief and practice of these "engineering virtues" that is the operating compass of W. G. Bartlett Engineering Services and has been the cornerstone for building a strong, loyal client base with the successful completion of numerous and varied projects throughout the years.

However, beyond mere technical rigor, WGBES is equally committed to working with the client to provide reasonable, workable designs which are not only cost effective but also promote both environmental and practical sustainability. In order to achieve this result, much effort is continuously applied to staying abreast of current practices and systems— a blending of innovation with that which is “tried and true”.
Consulting Engineering
Greenville, South Carolina